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New Construction & Renovation Services

Undertaking a construction project — whether it's creating a new home from scratch, adding an addition, or remodeling — can seem like a daunting task. We will lead you through our easy and stress-free process to create a fun and seamless experience. 
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Customizing your home takes careful planning and design. You can work with Wild Apple Homes to start the process, where we will bring in just the right architect based on your specific goals and objectives. If you already have a design created for your new home, we will work collaboratively with you and your architect.

Working on your home is a truly personal experience, and that's a responsibility we don't take lightly. Throughout the entire process, we work with purpose and thoughtful consideration with a deep commitment to turning your vision into your reality. 


The Wild Apple Homes team works collaboratively with each homeowner to ensure project goals and objectives are exceeded. We work hard to ensure your happiness, not just with the end result, but with the entire process.


We help you build the project team based on your goals, design taste, chemistry, cost, and factors you find important. We have partnerships with architects, designers, engineers, subcontractors, banking institutions, city/state building officials, and a variety of other specialists that we have cultivated over many years to deliver exceptional results.

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Once the entire team has a full understanding of the design and plan to move forward, Wild Apple Homes will put together a detailed, accurate, and realistic budget, the pricing against which all future decisions will be measured. Next, we'll plot out a meticulous schedule that takes into account all team members, potential supply chain issues, New England weather, and other evolving contributors. 

What really sets us apart from our competition is the ability to develop an actionable plan with a detailed schedule and budget homeowners can trust utilizing the latest data and are constantly updated during the project so you always know how your decisions impact things financially and time-wise: you always know where you stand, no surprises.


Our team's dedication to transparency means we are always open and honest in providing feedback and making recommendations impacting the outcome, budget, and schedule. We provide the highest quality craftsmanship with as little disruption as possible. This is why we maintain stellar quality control on-site while managing a safe and clean worksite during construction. 

We practice what we preach. Quality and safety combined with an accurate budget and schedule is ingrained in our culture. We do what we say we're going to do, and you can count on Wild Apple Homes every step of the way to get the home of your dreams.


Wild Apple Homes has done an excellent job for my family.  The business is professionally run and the team is very knowledgeable about building practices.  More importantly, they have a get it done attitude and look for solutions to problems that come up during the construction process.  We recommend the team highly.



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