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Working with your existing home, Wild Apple Homes will help you add an addition, remodel your interior, and/or update its exterior. 
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If you are just starting out, contact Wild Apple Homes to begin the process. We can pair you up with just the right architect for your situation. If you already have a design created for the update of your home, will work collaboratively with you and your architect.

The first step for all involved is to discuss your wants and needs for the success of your "new" home, and then create a plan for how to turn those into a reality. With the plan known to the entire team, the next step is to extensively analyze your home's existing condition. Oftentimes, this analysis brings about the discovery of unknown challenges that must be reconciled. You're in luck though, this is where we excel. Our low-stress process to deliver speedy issue resolution and creative problem solving is what we love the most.  

We will create a budget with realistic pricing against which all future decisions will be measured. We will create a schedule to make sure all the right parts and pieces fall into place. 

Through our experience and trusted relationships, we will present you with educated options to develop the right team of building professionals specific to your project. We will help you choose this team based on design taste, chemistry, cost, or any other parameters important to you.


Wild Apple Homes is a very professional operation that knows how to get the job done and provides a very good experience for the homeowner throughout the process. We are just about wrapped up on a project in Manchester that was generally a complete renovation of the interior and exterior. The home is 125 years old and my goal was to provide a substantial upgrade of everything without losing the old character of the home. I would not trust just any contractor to be able to pull this off and they really nailed it. We were luckily able to maintain a lot of the original floor plan which was a result of a great architect and Wild Apple working smartly from day 1.



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